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Access Edmunds from a Mobile Device

Mark Holthoff
posted this on June 14, 2013, 2:00 PM

The best way to access Edmunds from a mobile device is through one of our free apps:

The Edmunds mobile app combines our pricing, research and new car inventory in one place to help you get the new car you want at the best possible price. With this app, you can research new car pricing, configure a car to your requirements, find regional True Market Value (TMV) pricing and search new cars and incentives at dealers near you.

Alternatively, you can access a mobile version of Edmunds simply by typing into any mobile device’s Web browser. This will automatically redirect you to the mobile version of the site. You do not need to download anything for access. (If you’d prefer to see the standard version of on your mobile device, click "View Full Site"; this will provide you with the option to access the standard site.)

Edmunds does not charge for the use of its mobile sites or apps. However, your mobile service provider may charge you for time spent on the Internet. Please refer to your mobile service plan for details.