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    why does every car website feel the need to change their format? ruined their website, now Edmunds too?? The most important part of researching a new or used car (for me anyway) is finding relevant information. Now, I have to click through 6 different screens and I still cannot even see what colors are available... just dots. Sad you guys changed everything. The old site was informative and easier to navigate.


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    Hi torrey1,

    Thanks for the honest feedback. I'll be sure to pass it along to our website team. Which car(s) are you trying to research? Here are some tips on finding available colors:

    1. On the homepage, select the make/model/year. This brings you to that car's overview page.

    2. On the overview page, click the green "View Photos" button at the top. You can then click the + icon in the lower right corner of the photo.

    3. Then click 'Colors' and you'll see the car's available colors.

    Another option is to go to the car's overview page, scroll down to 'Build and Price' and you'll be able to configure a car with its available colors.

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    I agree with torrey1 100 percent. There was no need to redesign the web site. Don't fix it if it ain't broke!

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    Hi morleyk,

    Thanks for providing that feedback! We'd love to hear more of your thoughts on the new site. If you're interested in sharing, please reach out to us at We're always curious to hear what our users like and dislike about the site, so any additional feedback you'd like to share would be warmly welcomed. 

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    Yeah, it's bad. It looks all the other "cool" websites but is totally not appropriate for an information-dense site like Edmunds. I'd be surprised if you tested this on actual users in any kind of scientific way. I guess it's time to iterate!

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    Thanks for the honest feedback, corkupine. We are always looking to improve our site experience for car shoppers and I have shared your feedback with the website teams.

    Please let us know if you have any car-shopping questions.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with those who dislike the new format.  Edmunds is a "go to" site for tons of car information and now it's terribly difficult and not at all intuitive to navigate. Did you review with focus groups?  If it's not broken, don't fix it.

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    Another great informative website goes south...all so it can look like a trendy Chrome copycat.
    Where is the silhouette of each car with its dimensions? All I can find are long lists of features & options that would take hours to plow though. Comparing specs of cars of different model years on this site is now impossible.
    Also, don't get why you went with the tiny light grey type. Hard to read on a laptop, maybe it looks diferent on phones?

    "Our logo....contains a warm smile and a wink, demonstrating the playful joy that can be had when Edmunds helps you find your perfect car."

    Playful joy? Who was this meant to appeal to? It's completely inane.

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    Thanks for reaching out, wagonator. I'm sorry to hear that you're dissatisfied with the new site. While the formatting and layout may be different, please rest assured that the same information is still available. 

    The silhouette you are referring to is no longer on the site, but please note that the dimensions of each vehicle are still available under the "Measurements" subsection of our Features & Specs page. 

    Nonetheless, I have relayed your feedback to our Web Design Team. If you have any additional thoughts, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us at

    Have a great weekend!



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    I seriously just created an account with Edmunds to say your new website SUCKS! Tell the web designer less is more i.e. Google!  The previous website was already great and easy to navigate. Why did you guys have to redesign it? I understand you want to make it work better for folks who want to buy and search for cars on their mobile devices but now we can't find any information. This new website is NOT ready for deployment, PLEASE roll-back to the original site or give us an option button to view the original site. Edmunds was the BEST website for finding information on cars now I have to search for alternate sites. This makes me very sad... : (

    Update: Just to be fair, I went on using my iPhone and it looks very clean and sleek. I guess I'll just use my phone to navigate your website perhaps that's your new business strategy. 

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    Hello ryan_nyc,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're dissatisfied with the new site. The redesign was intended to create a more engaging and user-friendly experience, and I apologize that you've had some difficulty using it thus far.

    While the site is intended to perform well on Mobile, it should be functioning just as well on a computer. Unfortunately, we have no plans to bring the old site back, but I would be interested to hear where you're running into difficulty on the full site.

    Please feel free to write us at, and we would be happy to address any issues you've faced. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Hello, I don't like the new design, I was so used to the old one and dislike something that is just change-for-the-sake-of-change.


    Once again I did research on a vehicle last night and wanted to see what a vehicle was on sale for and I reluctantly provided my email address and phone number. Then I received a barrage of emails, lots of duplicates, from both Edmunds and from 3 separate dealers. Then I was awakened from a sound sleep from 3 different dealers starting at 8:44 AM.  I never do business with any sales person who calls me period. I noticed that Edmunds has a "Privacy Policy" but I didn't bother reading through it, maybe that's the problem. If I did, and if it said, "Edmunds will send your phone number to every dealer within a 15 mile radius as soon as you close this browser window" then I would have never provided my phone number as it turns into a complete waste of time and sleep.

    I already know what Edmunds answer is to why you require a phone number: Its to keep other Dealers from tryna find out what their competition is selling a vehicle for, which is odd to me. And by the way, the only good car buying experience I ever had was buying a Saturn back in '94, there was no haggling on the price, GM had one price for the Saturn, take it or leave it. I bought the car and had it for 15 years, it never failed to start once, best car I ever owned. And naturally GM stopped making them.  There was a lesson to be learned from the car industry there but nobody paid attention, so now the public still has to deal with secret Internet Pricing and emails clogging up your in box and phone calls waking you.

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    Hi chippy55,

    Thanks for providing that feedback. 

    Please note that the site was not redesigned 'for the sake of change' - the intention behind this design was to give our users a more intuitive and easy-to-use experience. I apologize if you feel it does not function this way for you, but please rest assured that the same information is still available. 

    Additionally, I'm sorry to hear that you were contacted by these dealerships early in the morning. Please note that on each form on our site, we do call attention to the fact that your information will be shared with dealerships should you choose to submit. Unfortunately, once your information has been shared, we are not able to control when or how often they choose to contact you.

    If there's anything we can help you find on the new site, or if you would like some assistance finding a good deal in your area, please feel free to contact us directly via email at

    Have a great day!

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    Like others here, I registered solely to voice my utter disdain with the new site layout. 
    What on earth have you done to what used to be my go-to website for automobile information? It wasn't broken, so why did you feel a need to "fix" it. I have used Edmunds for many years, and found the information to be organized and laid out quite nicely. This new approach, with its jumble of horizontal and vertical navigation, feels like a manufacturer's site (e.g. Mazda) now and is decidedly unintuitive and unfriendly. It's a shame that you've followed in the footsteps of the C&D and R&T print magazines, by trying too hard to look modern and stylish, while seeming to forget that your reasons to exist are to convey information in a way that's easy and appealing to consume. Unfortunately, I am far less likely to spend time here now that you have largely ruined what was a wonderfully enjoyable web site. What a shame...

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    Hello gordman,

    Thank you reaching out to provide that feedback for us. 

    The intention behind the site was not to 'fix it', but rather to improve the user experience by increasing its speed and organizing the information in a more intuitive fashion. I am truly sorry if it does not come across this way, and will be passing your feedback along to our Design teams. 

    I understand your frustration with the sudden change, but please note that we list each relevant section in the blue banner located at the top of each vehicle's home page.By clicking on any of these headers, you will immediately be brought to the appropriate section without having to scroll through the others.

    If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us directly. We can be reached via email at

    Have a great day!

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    Your car pictures format is now horrible !!  Gives me a headache with all the clutter.  Even has a better picture format.  I'm guessing you will be changing the format once the web traffic falters.

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    Hello robjmia,

    Thank you for providing that feedback! Our Photo Team is currently working towards adjusting the way these images fit into the new site. While this process will take some time, they provided the following recommendations to view photos properly on the site:

    • The new viewing window is responsive - meaning, if you make your browser half as wide as your screen, the site will respond and display more of the image:
    • You may also view the images in full by selecting the "Build and Price" button on the vehicle's home page. Once you hit that button, the next page will show the images in their original sizes, though you will still need to select "View Larger" to see larger images:
    • Finally, the easiest way to view full-sized images is to use one of our mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, or Android):

    I know these are not the most ideal solutions, but I hope they will work in the interim. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out by sending an email to

    Have a great day!

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    I can't find my saved cars. I don't see any listing for "your account." 

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    Sydney, Justin,

    Please send the following link to your leader Mr. Edmunds and  your web developers and apply this to your website ASAP:

    So far I have not read one positive comment about the new look, feel or user friendliness of this website.  I appreciate that you both are providing tips and suggestions to better use the website, but the fact that you even need to provide guidance for basic functions of the site indicate that it is poorly designed.

    Go back and activate the old website internally, use it, then apply what you have learned to update the new website.  The old website worked wonderfully except for speed of content and a few small organizational issues BUT I COULD FIND WHAT I WANT WITHOUT NEEDING TECH  SUPPORT HELP! If it's not easy to use I wont use it........and apparently I'm not the only one. 

    Best regards.............

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    In the old site, I could compare used cars ini the car research area. It was relatively easy to select the features I wanted (ie. years, AWD, transmission style, MPGs, etc) and be provided what vehicles met those criteria. Is there still a way to do so?



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    I find the site completely unusable and the layout is insane.  Right off the bat I experience an unpleasant sensation with the rolling photo ad like I am about to have a seizure and I quickly need to navigate off of that.  Then when I get to the make-model I cannot see quick thumb of the car model and this is a real problem as the number of models have grown so much. For ex. I had to go to to see which lexus model I was interested in and what did they look like.

    In addition, call me old school but I don't care about the price and the dealer, I know where the dealers are and so does anyone else. I need to know what the car looks like in and out, the performance specs what engine, what milage, what torque. I need to geek out about that before worrying about price and dealers. The info is buried through layers of stupid tabs and menus and the whole thing is setup backwards for me.

    I am in the market for a new car after six years and this site is out at this point I will need to find a new one.

    I m sure the traffic on this site must be dead.

    Oh one more thing:  what is the point of the year selection tab after the model selection?  Guess what? I am buying a new car so just give me the 2017!  If I go  to the dealer and I get $5k off the last year model is my business and I can deal with that later.


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    Sorry to say your new website is confusing and much more difficult to use.  It is a prime example of form over substance. Try researching BMW 4 series convertible 2018.  Select pricing. Page navigates to local dealer inventory.  Edmunds used to be an excellent research tool for building and pricing your desired vehicle.  Somehow it deviated from that model in favor of a hybrid entertainment and eCommerce website.

    Going back to my "BMW 4-series convertible" example, assuming you have found the Build and Price button on the vehicle's page, there is a bug in the first tab as there are no available trims showing up so you cannot proceed to the next tab.  Also, the old tab control selection is incorrect as it points to "More" instead of "Pricing".  Try selecting "Pricing" tab and you will navigate to an alternate universe.  Did you offshore development of this new website to some talented, low-cost development outfit in South-East Asia?!?

    My advice is go back to your roots.  Offer simpler and more functional view to the users who know what they came for to your website.   Perhaps having two viewing modes would be a solution i.e. advanced and "I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-here-so-I-am-just-going-to-click-around-and-be-entertained-VIEW".

    If you continue along your current path of "innovation for the sake of innovation" you will use your core audience who used to love the no frills content, good analysis and reviews, as well as minimalistic "build your own vehicle" toolset. The choice is yours, so choose wisely, as there are young upstarts waiting in the wings to unseat the old expert website gone astray in search of new identity.

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    Your redesign has created the worst website I've ever tried to use in my life. Note that I am not exaggerating. I used to visit your site often for automotive information. I will never use your website again. How utterly pathetic is it when you have to give "tips and tricks" about how people can tweak their window sizes in order to view full images! What kind amateur operation are you people running? This was a huge, foolish mistake. Btw, I'm in my early 30s, I know how to use technology. 

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    I have to admit that the current design makes no sense what so ever. You guys went responsive just to go responsive it looks like. What you should have done is approached desktop, tablet and phone user experiences completely separately. The old design, albeit clunky and dated, was a breeze to use on desktop.

    This new one, not so much. It requires so many more clicks to do simple actions and is clearly designed from a mobile approach only. I did love using Edmunds for car research, and tried to give the new site a chance but it's just so darn over the top complicated.

    Like why when I start searching for models in a brand do I have to back out completely or start over to look up a new model in that brand, and then when I have a car I want to add to "compare" there is no where to do that. It's like, scratch that, it is that you are on a site for that one model only, until I click all the way back to view another car model. I don't see how that is easy. Besides the awful UX, the UI is pretty nice.

    My feedback is based on 15 years in website/product design from the basic small sites to SaaS solutions in e-commerce and finance. Sad to see a great car site get scratched off my go to list.

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    John Gore


    I've read all the above posts, and I must ask the obvious question: IS ANYONE LISTENING? Absolutely no one likes the new design, and it is not something we will eventually get used to.

    Though this new site supposedly went live in January, it only showed up for me a couple days ago. Even today the old site popped up first, causing me to shout for joy, then suddenly after adding another car to compare…the new site morphed in like Mr. Smith from the matrix!

    Edmunds, if you need to keep the new design for your mobile app, then okay, we get that. I do recall the current site not working so well on my ipad. Oh wait…that's it, isn't it! You don't have the resources to maintain two entirely different site designs! Okay, I'm awake now. Hey everyone, I think we're just hosed on this one. Have you noticed how your PCs have begun looking like your tablets and smart phones, losing many of the features we've relied on for so many years…well that's what has happened to this site as well. Face it…we've crossed into an era where applications have simply become apps; and just as the word itself has been truncated (pulled that from the thesaurus, LOL), so also has the usefulness of the programs themselves. R.I.P. old Edmunds site. You will be remembered fondly for years to come :-((.

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    It's now been 8 months since I posted my impressions of the new site above.  I figured I'd check back to see if anyone was listening to the near-universal rejection of the new format.  Nope.  Only more comments echoing the same sentiments that I and others before me expressed, along with some lame excuses from the admins trying spin this as a learning curve issue.  Trust me, it's not that.

    I'm not only disappointed, but I'm also angry, as I truly enjoyed simply spending time here learning about different car model, specs, and features.  It was THE place for me to go for detailed, accurate automotive information.  Now that it's been compacted and dumbed-down for mobile users on tiny phone displays, it's pretty much useless.  The information is simply too widely distributed across too many tiny little pages that are buried beneath too many layers of clicks or swipes.  If this was an app that simply supplemented the *real* Edmunds site, then fine, users could take their pick.  As a total replacement, though, I find it to be a terrible decision and a complete failure.  Maybe I'll check back again in a year or so, but I probably should just consider as dead to me.   Again, such a shame.   

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    Leo Bricker

    HATE! the new site. Compare Cars is RUINED! Never looked for an alternative website before but will have to now. HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the change. You should offer registered users the option of using the old site.

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    Thank you all for taking the time to share your honest feedback about the redesigned site! Please know that we've read through all of these and we take every comment into consideration.

    In an effort to bring more visibility company-wide to your feedback, we've just reopened the community section of our Help Center and we'd like to encourage you to leave any comments, suggestions, or feedback there in the future. Our Product Team and Executives will be reviewing these posts based on the number of "upvotes" each post receives, so please feel free to participate in that forum.

    You can leave a post by clicking "Share your feedback" in the upper right-hand corner and logging in with your Edmunds account, or with your Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account.

    Happy posting!


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