Parts and Labor Costs in the Maintenance Guide

Parts Costs

The parts costs displayed in our Maintenance Guide are the approximate list prices for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts, when OEM parts are recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, average list prices for aftermarket parts and/or fluids are used. Please note that the parts costs displayed do not include sales tax or other fees, such as disposal fees, that may be applicable.

Labor Costs

The labor costs displayed in our Maintenance Guide are determined by multiplying 1) the estimated labor time for the procedure by 2) the estimated labor rate in the local area (as determined by ZIP Code).

Labor time estimates are based on data from third-party labor time guide publishers and are verified by the hands-on experience of our staff.

Labor rate estimates are based on data provided by a company that regularly surveys rates being charged by dealer and independent repair facilities throughout the U.S. These rates vary by vehicle brand, with rates for luxury brands (e.g. BMW and Lexus) higher than rates for mid-category and standard brands (e.g. Ford and Honda).

Please note that some dealers add items to their scheduled maintenance services in addition to the procedures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. These add-ons can account for differences in the price quoted by a dealer and the cost displayed in our guide.

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