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The Edmunds app for iPhone combines Edmunds pricing, research and inventory search to help you get the best deal — whether you're shopping for a new or used car. With this app you can configure a car to your requirements, get regional True Market Value®, find cars for sale at local dealers, Request Price Promise Quotes and look for the latest incentives. And our calculators will help you determine affordability or calculate monthly loan or lease payments.


Getting Started

To start researching any car, simply open the app and slide to select the Make, Model, and Year. You can also search by Keyword, Brand, Body Style, or Feature by tapping “Vehicle Search” in the upper middle area of the screen and then "Browse By".




Once you have selected the car and pressed “View Car” you may need to further select the vehicle by style (for example, if the car is available as either a sedan or a hatchback).

You will then be brought to the Vehicle Overview screen, which will allow you to scroll down for all your car researching needs. You can tap "View All Photos" or scroll down to see the MSRP and Price Promise Estimated Savings off MSRP for the selected Style. After that, you will see local inventory, followed by four tiles -- Edmunds Review, Consumer Reviews, Features & Specs, and Build with Options.



How do I find the value and pricing information for a car?

Pricing information for new AND used cars can be found within the Edmunds iPhone app. For New cars, once you have selected a make/model/year, you can scroll down and tap "Build with Options." You can select the trim level*, packages, and options you want the car to have and you will be shown the Invoice, True Market Value, and MSRP for that specific configuration. For Used cars, you'll do the same thing but you'll instead be looking for a tile that reads "Price & Appraise." You can enter the mileage, condition, trim level*, and options the car has and you’ll be shown the estimated Trade-In, Private Party Sale, and Dealer Retail values.

*If you want to change the trim level, you will need to go back to the Vehicle Overview screen and change the style just below the photo at the very top. 



How do I get a Price Promise Quote?

Under the "Vehicle Overview" page either select the blue "See All Inventory" or "Nearby (inventory)" to view vehicles available for sale nearby. Select a specific vehicle that you are interested in by taping on listing.


Then, select the green "Get the Price Now" or "Text this Dealer" to get a Price Promise Quote for the vehicle that you selected. 



How do I save cars in local inventory so that I can reference them again?

Once you have selected a car, scroll down and tap "View Inventory." You will then be on the Inventory screen. We will show you matching inventory closest to your location. Each car listed has a Save/Star button. Once you tap this button and it turns orange, that means you have saved the car to Lot Buddy.


What is Lot Buddy and how do I access it?

Lot Buddy is your best friend when shopping for a car. It helps you stay informed while visiting a dealership by providing instant access to all the information you need -- such as payment calculators, VIN lookup, and information on incentives/rebates that apply to the cars you have saved. You can enter the Lot Buddy experience by tapping the My Edmunds menu in the top middle area of the screen and selecting “Lot Buddy.”



Where can I find cars that I have recently searched and how can I delete them?

Use the My Edmunds menu in the top middle area of the screen and select “Recent Searches.” In a leftward motion, slide over each car that you wish to delete and tap the red Delete button.

How do I find Calculators to estimate finance or lease payments?

Tap the text in the top middle of the app. You will be able to select "Calculators".



How do I expand my search capabilities and learn more about the app and in general?

All of this information can be accessed on the Settings & Location screen, which can be found by tapping the My Edmunds menu in the top middle area of the screen and selecting “Settings and Location.”

Questions or feedback?

We would love to hear from you! If you have any feedback on our iPhone app or if you have any car shopping questions, please feel free to reach out to our Live Help team. Simply select Live Help from the My Edmunds menu in the top middle area of the screen. We are available for all of your car shopping questions seven days a week from 8 AM to 5 PM (Pacific). To learn more, please visit




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