Consumer Reviews of Vehicles

If you'd like to share your car ownership experience with others, please use Edmunds' Consumer Ratings and Reviews system to post your comments. 

As you write your review, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Make sure you are reviewing the proper year, make and model.
  • Describe your experience in at least two or three complete sentences.
  • Include reasons for your likes and dislikes.
  • Provide an overall analysis that supports your rating.

Once submitted, most reviews are published within two business days; however, a review may be rejected for any the following reasons:

  • The review contains profanity or offensive references to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or social and economic status.
  • The review is not relevant to the vehicle in question or does not contain enough information to be helpful to readers.
  • The review is not based on any actual experience with the vehicle.
  • The review insults or offends other consumers' opinions.
  • The review includes html or links to other websites or web pages. (Please use plain text only.)
  • The review promotes or advertises a dealership, website or business.
  • The review is an ad to sell a vehicle.
  • The review solicits the opinions or advice of prospective reviewers. (If you would like to exchange experiences or advice, please utilize Forums instead.)

After submitting your review, you'll receive a verification email.  Please click on the link in this email - it lets us know that you wrote the review and want it to be published.

Once published, a review is available indefinitely. We may, however, exercise our right to remove a review at any time -- for example, if we determine that the review violates our submission guidelines or our Membership Agreement. However, we are not obligated to remove any review and will do so only at our discretion.

You will receive an email following publication to let you know your review was accepted.  The email will contain a link to your review, which you can use to access your review at any time.  Using that link, reviewers can update their review at any time by clicking the "update review" button below the review text. When updating, you can change any ratings originally selected and add to or edit the original text.

If you believe a review should be considered for removal, please click the "Report It" link on the review in question and note the reason(s) why you believe the review should not have been published. We will investigate and remove the review if we find it to be in violation of our guidelines.

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