How does Edmunds make money?

Advertisements appear on Edmunds so we can offer our visitors free access to our content, tools and resources. We attempt to prevent these advertisements from disrupting your experiences by labeling each one as an “Advertisement” or as “Sponsored Content” and by running the least intrusive types of ads. Also, whenever possible, we display advertisements that offer messages relevant to people who are shopping or researching cars.

Targeted Ads

Please note that our advertisers may use data collected about your visits to Edmunds to target ads to you on our website as well as other websites. As a result, if you’re browsing our website and searching for particular cars, you may start seeing advertisements related to those cars appearing on other websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and others.

Don’t worry — we do not tell our advertisers who you are. Rather, we allow third parties to place and use cookies that collect data about your use of Edmunds and then infer from that the specific cars or topics which you might be interested in.

If you want to stop seeing these ads, we recommend going to your Internet browser’s settings and clearing your cache (or recent history). You can also click here to control what ads are displayed.

To learn more, please visit our privacy policy.

Pop Up Ads

If you are seeing multiple pop-up ads while visiting (and/or other sites), your computer may have been infected by malware, adware or spyware. Please see How to Remove Adware and Spyware for help with eradicating this from your system.

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