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Unfortunately, we recently lost our main source for reliability data, and so that information has been temporarily removed from our pages. We know this is valuable information for most car shoppers and plan to provide it again in the coming months.

In the meantime, we recommend referring to J.D. Power & Associates' list of vehicles rated highly for dependability.

You should also check out our own Consumer Ratings and Reviews to read about other owners' personal experiences with their vehicles. You can find them by visiting this page and choosing a Make, Model and Year from the menu, as shown below:


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    This stinks. I know that myself and many other users relied on the reliability ratings and reviews posted on Edmunds as a good source of unbiased information.

    It was an excellent quick reference. The other resources listed are not helpful nor informative regarding long-term history on used cars.

    I hope that Edmunds strongly reconsiders bringing back the original Reliability Ratings that they had listed before.

    This was one of the main features that brought me to However, I fear that many consumers, including myself, will now need to look elsewhere for reliability rating information.

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