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Justin has been with Edmunds since 2013 and hasn't stopped loving what he does since. He has experience buying Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) cars, leasing luxury cars, and has a special interest in German cars (although he has one German car and one Japanese car). Also noteworthy is his experience and knowledge with manufacturers' college-grad programs which typically provide great interest rates and offers for people who have invested in a college education but have little or no credit history.


Chase joined Edmunds in 2012 and has experience selling Chrysler, Dodge, and Ford vehicles. In addition to knowing the ins and outs of buying a car, he’s the master of answering truck questions. Want to know about towing capacities, differentials, and drivetrains? He loves all of the above.



Nate joined us in early 2015 and was previously an Internet Sales Manager at a Chevrolet dealership. He also has experience working in customer service at BMW, Jaguar, MINI, and Land Rover dealerships. While at the Chevy dealer, he became the go-to person for questions about the Volt. So if you have electric vehicle questions, Nate’s your guy. Customers love the insight he provides when it comes to negotiating a purchase or lease.


Sarah joined Edmunds in 2014 and has since provided shoppers with the confidence they need in order to know they’re picking the right car and getting a great deal. She loves to crunch numbers and provide car buying tips that you may not have thought about. Her bubbly and inviting personality will help you realize that shopping for a car can actually be fun!

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    Barbara Rice

    since having a car wreck 6 months ago, I have a problem driving.  As now, I use a walker all the time.  I am looking to trade cars.  what is need is a car that I can store my walker behind the front driver's seat.  I have thought about a mini=van, but need a shorter (in length) van  or a suv or crossover that would allow storage of my walker, like a 2 door one or door opens like a van/  hope you can help me with this.  ;thanks  Barbara Rice

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    Justin Smith

    Hi Barbara! I see you also signed up for a car buying expert and we have someone helping you out. We're looking forward to helping you pick out a new vehicle that fits your needs! 

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