Ongoing scam: Edmunds escrow fraud


Does Edmunds provide an escrow service where they hold/ship/handle the transaction of a car?


No - Edmunds does not sell vehicles, authorize private party sales, or offer an escrow service. Quite a few websites have recently surfaced using the logo, style, and design of Edmunds to promote an online escrow service. This is a known scam

The only official Edmunds site is edmunds.comCheck that “” is the domain – meaning that should appear at the very end of the URL, or just before any forward slash.  Here is an example of an URL:  Here is an example of a URL that is not from our company: The foregoing also applies to any email address to which you are asked to respond.  If you come across a website or an email address that you believe to be Edmunds, but you are unsure, please contact us at

Edmunds is a US-based company and does not hold an office in the UK. If you are speaking to someone who you believe to be an Edmunds representative, please be sure to check their email address. All authorized Edmunds employees will have an email domain and not an address with a hyphenated domain such as

If you are currently working with someone that you believe is affiliated with this scam, we encourage you to cease all communication as soon as possible. If you have sent payment, please be sure to contact your bank immediately to see if they can reverse this.

For more information, as well as tips on how to spot online scams, please read the following article: 

If you feel compelled, feel free to file a complaint on these sites:

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team via email at We are available Monday-Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM PST. 

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