Ongoing scam: Edmunds escrow fraud




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    Hello ,


    Where they did ask you that they use edmunds like escrow , on what site you find this posibile fraud ?

    I will wait your reply

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    The only official Edmunds site is edmunds.comCheck that “” is the domain – meaning that should appear at the very end of the URL, or just before any forward slash.  Here is an example of an URL:  Here is an example of a URL that is not from our company: The foregoing also applies to any email address to which you are asked to respond.  If you come across a website or an email address that you believe to be Edmunds, but you are unsure, please contact us at

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    no i have asked you where they sell cars and tell you that they use edmunds ?? on autotrader or cars ?? 

    where they sell the cars 



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    Jeff Summers

    Here is an example:

    Once you contact this Craigslist add, you will be asked to work with an escrow company that has physical possession of the automobile in Detroit, MI. That company will “look” like It is not the real This is a very elaborate scheme using real a real VIN. I even went so far as to order my own Carfax report and called the dealer who last changed the automobile’s oil. Everything checked out as legitimate that the car really exists and the escrow company does as well. Local law enforcement even ran the VIN and the car did exist and was not stolen. The scammers even set up dummy corporations that look like they physically exist with customer reviews on Google.

    The scammer screwed up and changed his name on the emails being sent back and forth. That’s what alerted me to a scam. Names used were:
    Joseph Edward Koch
    Keegan Miles Cooke

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    charles rippon

    Same scam with recent changes, They now use

    When you click on the link,. it is almost impossible to see that the web site is anything but genuine,

    THey also gave a carfax report on the car,

    however a quick check on whosis & below is the owner.

    Rhonda Franklin

    56 Rodney St


    L1 9AD



    BEWARE. Thank god I saw this website & the comments before.....!! 


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    charles rippon

    Further to the above to clarify and to hope no one else gets caught.

     The vehicle was offered on and was supposed to be in California:-


    It is still for sale and I'm  willing to sell it for US $26.000. The car is registered on my name, it has 33,000 miles, the title is clear (VIN WP0AB2A83BU780635- no lien,  accident free) also it drives and runs great. It is located in Santa Monica,Ca and I'm selling it because  I'm not in US anymore. I live in UK with my family now.


    PS: For more pictures use the link below:!AvrrZN2zR1Tpk1Me2bHhwXZxiMSO


    Another vehicle on - last month was supposed to be in Eastern Europe and was shipped from the US but he could not clear due to EC regulations, so had to ship it back !!

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    Anonymous person

    Current rip-off is here:


    law enforcement should get them.

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    brian appel


    I am conducting an investigation on this. Lawyer already on retainer. Any information please disclose. I will make sure you get your money back too.


    All info is helpful!! 

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    I also have come across one of these scams. Luckily the deal was too good to be true so I did not send any money. The site I was given was

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    I was doing due diligence on this and there are so many variations.  They even have internal links to the real website.  So glad I found this thread.  Current fraud link is here:

    Notice the actual domain is a .co

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    Tom Richer

    Beware of Erik Dailey!

    found him On


    11:22 AM (14 minutes ago)
    to me

    The car is located in Edmunds warehouse. So for our both security, our deal will be done under Edmunds surveillance:

    Your payment will go to Edmunds, they will receive and secure your funds until you will receive and inspect the vehicle. You will have a 3 days inspection period. If you like it, you'll approve the payment, they will pay me and transfer the ownership, if not, you'll reject the vehicle. In this case Edmunds will refund your money and pick it up from you.
    The finance is not an option. I am sorry


    On 2018-09-18 15:18, (Deleted) wrote:

    How do we go about doing the transaction with the intermediary (I never bought a car this way)?  Thanks. 

    On Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 11:03 AM <> wrote:

    I am a private seller(I live in MD) but for some reasons my account was associated with a dealer. I believe it was a website error or something.


    On 2018-09-18 14:59, (Deleted) wrote:

    Hi Erik,
    Thanks for the reply.  Carfax shows it last in MD?  Are you an individual seller or dealer?  Where are you based?  Thanks.
    On Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 10:41 AM <> wrote:
    The car is still available and I will let it go for US $ 24500k. The car is stored in Costa Mesa,CA, it has 7500 miles and a clear title(VIN WP0CD29929S773262). It drives and runs like a brand new one, with no issues at all.  I'm selling it because I've just retired and I took this year for traveling around the world along with my wife. The car is stored at a local company that will intermediate the transaction on my behalf.
    By the you have some pics:
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    Maureen Ware

    I am trying to reach brian appel , do you have a email address or a phone number. I would like to talk to you about this scam.


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    brian appel


    Please e-mail me:

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