Why don't I see options listed on the appraisal tool for Honda and Acura models?

I'm trying to appraise my Honda/Acura but it's not showing any options

Unlike most manufacturers, which offer individual options or option packages on their vehicles, Honda and Acura only offer different Styles -- i.e. differently-equipped versions of the same model. In other words, product planners at Honda or Acura choose the various features to be included on each of their Styles, and (with the exception of dealer-installed options) dealers or consumers cannot separately add new or different ones.

For example, Honda offers the following Styles for the 2013 Honda Fit:

  • Base (manual transmission)
  • Base (automatic transmission)
  • Sport (manual transmission)
  • Sport (automatic transmission)
  • Sport w/Navigation (automatic transmission)

In this case, there are a few, obvious features that differentiate the model's Styles, specifically the transmission type and the availability of a navigation system. (To see everything that's included with each Style, you will need to click the "View All Features & Specs" link associated with each Style and then review the list provided.)

Note: you may find it helpful to use our Car Comparison tool to reveal all of the differences between Styles. For example, here is a comparison of three different Styles of the Honda Fit.

Also, please note that dealer-installed options and accessories offered by Honda and Acura dealers, such as back-up sensors or all-weather floor mats, vary from dealer to dealer and region to region; accordingly, Edmunds is not able to provide information or pricing about them.

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