How much should I pay for a used car?

To determine what a fair price would be for a used car for sale, either at a dealership or by a private seller, check our Appraisal tool for its True Market Value. This tool, which can be found by clicking Appraise My Car at the top of our site will show you the current Trade-In, Private Party, and Dealer Retail Values. Keep in mind the following:

  • Trade-In: Estimated value if you trade the car in at a dealer
  • Private Party: Estimated value if buying from a private seller
  • Dealer Retail: Estimated value if buying from a dealer


When using the tool, you will want to use the Year/Make/Model path, bypassing the VIN and license plate entries. If you are asked to enter a VIN for a cash offer, but you are using the tool to determine how much to pay, then you will want to click "Don't have your VIN?" and/or "No thanks. I just want an appraisal."



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