While we are not mechanics (we focus on making car buying an easy and enjoyable experience), we do offer a variety of tools and content to help you keep your vehicle in top shape.

Car Maintenance Guide

Our Maintenance Guide offers complete manufacturer-recommended service schedules for almost every vehicle from model year 1990 to the present.

Once you select a vehicle, you can view its recommended service intervals as well as detailed descriptions of each recommended service -- including lists of items to be inspected, serviced or replaced; estimated parts and labor costs (tailored to your area); and comprehensive, easy-to-understand definitions of automotive terms.

In addition, our Maintenance Guide includes information on any Recalls or Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for the selected vehicle.

Please note that our Maintenance Guide displays the manufacturer-recommended service schedules for "normal" driving conditions. Replacement parts (oil filters, air filters, etc) are priced using MSRP for parts sold by the vehicle's manufacturer. Also, our estimates do not include sales tax.

Maintenance and How-To Articles

Our Editors have written a wide selection of articles on vehicle maintenance and service that provide you with expert tips and instructions for taking care of your vehicle.

Help from the Edmunds Community

Take advantage of the vast expertise of our community by posting your maintenance and repair questions in Edmunds Answers or by joining a discussion in our Maintenance & Repair Forum.

Find a Dealer Service Center Near You 

When you need the help of a professional, use Find a Dealer to get locations, phone numbers and consumer ratings and reviews of dealership service centers near you.

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