Unfortunately, we don't have any car mechanics on staff and this is not our area of expertise. Our focus is to help you buy smarter. With Edmunds, you can discover, price and buy the car that is right for you. However, you can get mechanical help from other owners by posting your question in our Forums. We think you'll find that our Forums members are very friendly and knowledgeable -- and also quick to respond.

You may also find some of the following resources helpful:

Sites that specialize in mechanical help

The following list of sites may be helpful to you, but please note that Edmunds is not affiliated with them:

Things to keep in mind

  • It's difficult to diagnose exactly what is wrong with a car without seeing it in person. For this reason, your best bet may be to visit your local dealership service department or visiting a local trusted mechanic. 
  • You can sometimes find YouTube videos and online forum discussions pertaining to the same issue you are experiencing. If you are not finding answers on the Edmunds Forums, first try posting on our forums to get insight from other car owners, and then try searching on Google for additional results.


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