What is a recall or technical service bulletin (TSB)?

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A recall is a notice sent by a vehicle manufacturer to owners of a vehicle advising them that the vehicle has or may have a serious defect that may compromise the safety of the vehicle and that the service departments of that manufacturer's dealers will make any necessary replacements or repairs free of charge.

Ordinarily, recalls affect only a portion of the production run of a given year, make and model.

For more about recalls, please see A Quick Guide to Recalls.

Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

Recalls should not be confused with technical service bulletins (TSBs) which are issued by the manufacturer for less serious problems that affect the normal operation of the vehicle. Sometimes called "secret warranties," TSBs cover known problems and provide repair instructions for service technicians and accordingly are distributed to all of the manufacturer's dealerships.

Unlike recall-related repairs, which are performed on a no-questions-asked basis, TSB repairs are made only to resolve problems that can be verified by dealer service technicians. And generally these repairs will be free of charge only if the vehicle is still under warranty.

For more about TSBs, check out How Can a Technical Service Bulletin Help Me? and The Secret Warranty.

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