Edmunds has detailed specs, customer ratings, photos & videos, pricing, etc. on thousands of vehicles across the country.

Access to our data and other information will be limited to select strategic partners, service providers, dealers and automotive advertisers to the extent consistent with our overall business strategy. Unfortunately, Edmunds is no longer able to offer our Developer Open API.

If you are already an Edmunds partner and need access, you should contact your Edmunds Account Executive and let them know you need API access. Your Account Executive will be able to route your request accordingly.

If you develop websites or services for Edmunds partner dealerships and need access, the dealership should request API access on your behalf by contacting their Edmunds Account Executive. The dealership should make it clear who is going to be using the API key and for what purpose.

Alternatively, there are many other organizations that provide similar services. To request more information, visit:


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